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Poe continuously points out the superiority of Ligeia’s elegance since it does not conform to the standard definition of beauty.

Ligeia’s characteristics “were being not of that regular mould which we have been falsely taught to worship in the classical labors of the heathen” (Lombardi). Poe unquestionably sees flaws in the narrator’s next wife due to the fact she fits the mould far too easily. And most likely the most severe instance of Poe’s rejection of the normal and embracing of the odd can be seen in selected passages describing Ligeia’s mysterious traits. He describes the narrator’s wonderful wife as 1 would describe a ghost: “She came and departed as a shadow. ” He describes her eyes as unreal and superhuman for the reason that of their huge sizing: “much greater than the regular eyes of our personal race. ” Ironically, at situations Ligeia even frightens the narrator with her “grotesque” visual appeal.

Even so, all over the entirety of the tale, these odd physical appearance traits are objects of reverie for the narrator, and he makes very clear to stage this out regularly. Poe rejects classical values and welcomes the supernatural by means of the vivid descriptions of Ligeia’s uncanny natural beauty. buy essay club (Prevent)Poe also manages to display a different vital trait of American Romantics-fervent idealism-in this morbid and frightening tale.

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Idealism was embraced by American romantic writers because they firmly thought in the lofty goals of democracy, even even though at many instances these plans ended up in no way recognized. In this sense, American romantics had been optimists. They were being champions of individualism and thought firmly in the opportunities of humankind and man’s great nature.

This optimism can be found in the narrator’s account of his wife’s reincarnation in the human body of one more woman. Although the narrator’s tale seems honest and is undoubtedly not missing in detail, he is a self-proclaimed opium addict, which helps make him an unreliable narrator. On the other hand, the passionate optimism of Poe is clear because upon seeing Rowena increase from the useless, he assumes that it is Ligeia that has really arrive back again from the useless in Rowena’s overall body, even so not likely. This exaggerated optimism could have been brought on by Ligeia’s awareness of “metaphysical investigation,” know-how described as “.

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. wisdom far too divinely important to not be forbidden. ” (Lombardi).

In this perception, the narrator’s opium habit can be observed as a form of optimism-even idealism. Indeed the narrator even admits this optimism to himself: “.

. in the exhilaration of my opium dreams, I would simply call aloud on her title, through the silences of the night .

. as if . . I could restore her to the pathway she experienced deserted .

. upon the earth. ” (Lombardi). Of program, these goals are absolutely nothing extra than hallucinations and fake hopes prompted by the opium drug. Nevertheless, they contain embedded in just them a sense of “optimism in opposition to all odds. ” Nowhere is this clearer than Ligeia’s assertion that “Person doth not produce him to the angels, nor unto demise completely, help save only by way of the weak spot of his feeble will” (Lombardi). This indicates that Ligeia’s return from dying could in fact be literal, and that a sturdy will can really keep another person alive. This variety of severe optimism-stubborn idealism-like preserving anyone alive by sheer will of drive, is normal of American passionate authors. The past trait of the American Romantic interval which Poe demonstrates in the short tale “Ligeia” is an abnormal remoteness concerning time and space.


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